In 2006, at the age of 23, Helder Guimarães became the youngest ever World Champion of Card Magic. He was awarded the title after his performance in a triennial competition, which left both the judging panel and over a thousand other performers utterly baffled. Since then, using his background in acting and theater, he created and performed his one-man shows all over the world.




One house, one evening, one experience. Have a taste of magic in a unique, personal and secretive way.

Future of Storytelling 2014

Helder will be a guest performer at Future of Storytelling 2014.


Learn to read between the lines. But, where are the lines?


Memories are the key to unlocking this enigma. The more you remember, the better you will be.

TED 2014

Helder Guimarães has performed at TED 2014.


What you think exists is just a part of what we call the real world. Ghosts can have a wicked sense of humor.

Being a lover of secrecy and codes, secret codes are high up on my list of cool things. And, for me, it’s interesting to see how some of these codes combined with other forms of expression can make waves and lead to many talks and speculation over the years. When artist Jim Sanborn decided to do his sculpture Kryptos, which is located on the grounds of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) in Virginia, he didn’t know that till this day, part of it would still remain a mystery.
Posted: April 10, 2015, 6:15 pm

“You need a sense of humor to survive. You need a sense of wonder to live.”