In 2006, at the age of 23, Helder Guimarães became the youngest ever World Champion of Card Magic. He was awarded the title after his performance in a triennial competition, which left both the judging panel and over a thousand other performers utterly baffled. Since then, using his background in acting and theater, he has created and performed his one-man shows all over the world.

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A magical search for a coincidence

Borrowed Time

An immersive magic experience

Nothing to Hide

A wonder-inducing magic show

Ruse and Subterfuge was founded in 2013, and its motto is finding elegant solutions to apparently impossible problems. Using his knowledge of magic, lateral-thinking, sleight-of-hand, confidence games and other ruses, Helder Guimarães is frequently asked to advise or consult on different projects that need an extra hand finding solutions to create impossibilities and other amazing feats. Helder’s expertise has helped many theater shows and Hollywood productions. His skills and team have been called upon to develop marketing campaigns, stunts, on-screen magic, and live performances.

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